Herman and the team are seeking National sponsors who can help us turn our ambition into a reality.

In return for helping, sponsors will receive a large number of promotional, marketing and PR benefits, including an advert in the 1.5 million books we are hoping to print and distribute to EVERY family with a 9 or 10 year old in the UK.

Childline - providing a place for children to seek help and advice for over 30 years.

No problem is too big or too small.
What a Child says to Childline stays with Childline – unless we are really worried or concerned about them.
It’s free to call.
Open all day, every day.
The call will not show up on any bill.

Talk to Childline, and don’t have another day of feeling sad.

0800 1111

Listen to Sadsville for FREE! Enjoy our audio file below…

Why is everyone in Sadsville so SAD?

Tears streamed down the face of a glum looking sun as it crawled above the horizon. A hedgehog uncurled from its tight ball of prickles, wiped its eyes and decided to curl up again. A sheep, not generally known for expressive emotion, took a large clump of grass in its mouth and chewed, gloomily… Why is everyone in Sadsville so sad? Listen to the audio file above to find out!

Herman’s Heroes


Herman has a lot of people who are helping him to support the NSPCC and Childline! From local companies through to individuals, Herman and the team have a lot to be thankful for!

To see who is currently supporting Herman on his mission, simply click the link below and search the Country (literally!) as to who is backing us and where!

Would you like to be a Herman’s Hero?

If you’re interested in supporting the project to enable us to provide a FREE copy of Sadsville to EVERY Year 4 & 5 (9 & 10 year old) child in the UK, click on the link below. In return, not only will you help this worthwhile project, you will enjoy a package of sponsorship benefits both in the books and on line. So click the link below, send us a few details and we will be in touch.

On-going Partners

Company Number: 06545182
Email: herman@thevilles.co.uk
High St, Herne Bay, CT6 5NW
The Villes Ltd, Town hall Chambers, 148
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