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Join Herman on the Magical Bus to the Villes…
A series of children’s books to captivate, educate and entertain a wide age range of young readers – and their parents!

The Villes are magical lands where something isn’t quite right. In Tiredsville, everyone is tired all the time. In Fullsville, they are always full. In Boredsville…well, you get the picture.

Each day, the hero of the story, Herman, sets off on a magical bus to a different Ville, and with help from a variety of sidekicks and larger than life characters, manages to solve the mystery as to WHY things aren’t as they should be.

Will you work it out before Herman does…?

The Box Set contains all current titles in the series:

Boredsville – ISBN 978-0-9935199-7-0
Coldsville – ISBN 978-0-9935199-4-9
Fullsville – ISBN 978-0-9935199-3-2
Hairyville – ISBN 978-0-9935199-8-7
Hotsville – ISBN 978-0-9935199-9-4
Latesville – ISBN 978-1-9998083-0-3
Lostville – ISBN 978-0-9935199-5-6
Sadsville – ISBN 978-0-9935199-2-5
Tiredville – ISBN 978-1-9998083-1-0
Windyville – ISBN 978-0-9935199-6-3

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