“Charming and imaginative. A firm favourite in the Vine household for months- a record!”

- Jeremy Vine, Broadcaster (and Dad!)

Herman's Team get Charitable Status

We are delighted that Herman’s team have now been awarded Charitable status in England and Wales. The Martin Roberts Foundation (Registered Charity 1172905) will now be able to continue its work in reaching out to children who are troubled or unhappy with the message that help is available.

The Sadsville Campaign has already seen children in the South West recieve a FREE copy of the Sadsville book and now, with the support of the Herman’s Heros, the Martin Roberts Foundation aims to raise sufficient funds to enable ALL year 4&5 children in the UK to be given a copy.

In the Sadsville book, Herman visits a land where everyone is sad. Once he discovers why, he puts a smile back on peoples’ faces. By reading the book, Children are inspired to ‘think out of the box’ and not accept their world if it’s not as it should be. They are also directed to Childline for help.

With the help of sponsoring businesses, we hope to make this challenge a reality.

Sadsville Campaign goes NATIONAL!

As a Champion and long time supporter of the NSPCC, Martin Roberts, author and presenter of BBC TV’S Homes under the Hammer, has written a book in his Villes Children’s book series especially for this much loved charity- called SADSVILLE.

Would you like to be a Herman’s Hero?

If you’re interested in supporting the project to enable us to provide a FREE copy of Sadsville to EVERY year 4 & 5 (9 & 10 year old) child in the UK, click on the link below. In return, not only will you help this worthwhile project, you will enjoy a package of sponsorship benefits both in the books and on line. So click the link below, send us a few details and we will be in touch.

The Villes Stories

Each day, the hero of the story, Herman, sets off on a magical bus to a different Ville,
and with help from a variety of side kicks and larger than life characters, manages to solve the mystery
as to WHY things aren’t as they should be…

Will you work it out before Herman does…?


In Tiredsville the inhabitants are perpetually tired.


In Fullsville their trousers are bursting at the seams.


In Coldsville people are always freezing cold.

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